QLOCKTWO, the stunning luxury clocks made in Germany 


QLOCKTWO is a German brand, founded in 2010 by two good friends, Mister Biegert and Mister Funk.


The idea is so simple that we can almost wonder why it hasn’t been invented before! But it is also the reason why it is so brilliant!

The time is always presented with some hands or some figures when it is about digital watches and clocks. But it has never been presented in another way, a very simple one: a sentence ! The sentence you’re saying when you communicate the time to somebody else.

And here it is! QLOCKTWO gives you this sentence which is changing every 5 minutes by lighting the good letters on the board.

There are 5 lines: a wristwatch (“W”), a table clock 13 x 13 cm (“Touch”), a wall clock 45 x 45 cm (“Classic”), a large wall clock 90x90cm (“Large”) and and extra-large wall clock 180 x 180 cm (180).

The front is magnetic and can be changed in order to switch colors (17 possibilities + color on demand) and languages (20 possibilities).

As you already understood, Qlocktwo isn't just a clock, it's a statement piece, a beautiful piece of art to sublimate every interior space! Welcome to the Universe of Qlocktwo!

qlocktwo raw iron
qlocktwo gold 18K