For more than 10 years, Swiss KubiK designed and manufactured high-quality watch winders for all the fans of automatic watches.


Being recommended and selected by the biggest watch brands, our watch winders are hand-assembled and claim proudly the 100% Swiss Made.


The sobriety of the KubiK watch winder offers infinite possibilities and finishes and customizations, therefore letting our customer’s imagination run wild. Luxury product par excellence, our creations meet all market criteria of the Swiss watch industry: durability, reliability, quality and precision.


Each model has a 3 years guarantee and offers more than 3 years of autonomy with only two batteries.

All the Masterbox models are available in simple or multiple versions from one to twelve positions and integrate a reprogramming module, therefore ensuring the durability of your watch.


Being smart, the models of the Masterbox collection function both on power and/or on batteries.

swiss kubik fiber carbon
swiss kubik
start box swiss kubik

The Starbox comes in 5 bright colours: red, blue, yellow, orange or black.

Its exterior cover has a Softtouch finish, pleasant to the touch, integrating a Swiss KubiK mechanism for beautiful watches lovers.


This model functions solely on batteries and offers, as always, a minimum autonomy of 3 years.

swiss kubik racing
swiss kubik master box
swiss kubik wood 1
swiss kubik wood
swiss kubik couture
swiss kubik couture 1
swiss kubik alu
swiss kubik aluminium
swiss kubik tailor made
swiss kubik customization