In 1999, TOWE was founded in Geneva, Switzerland by Swedish jewelry artist and Master of Fine Arts Towe Norlén.

Towe Norlén was educated at the Copenhagen School of Goldsmiths and Stockholm’s University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. After obtaining her Master of Fine Arts, Towe moved to Geneva, Switzerland, to specialize in high-end jewellery.


In Geneva, Towe learned what premium quality means, working for a number of fine jewellers such as Harry Winston, Piaget and Ebel.


“I also had the privilege of working for Sotheby’s during the international ‘magnificent jewellery’ auctions that are held twice a year,” she says. “The most famous jewels in the world pass through here, which gave me a unique opportunity to study them in the minutest detail. This was very instructive, and at the same time gave me the insight that not even these top quality pieces were perfect in all aspects, but could be improved even further with today’s design and manufacturing techniques.”

Haute joaillerie denotes the most exclusive jewelry design- and craftsmanship tradition. Haute joaillerie implies that beyond perfect quality, one specifically achieves personalized design. All TOWE jewel designs are inspired by what your skin looks like and functions behind the scene, and they are all handcrafted in one of the world’s finest jewellery workshops in Geneva, Switzerland.