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HUBERT AGENCY AB is representing independent watch and furniture brands making innovative and luxury products and always renowned for their iconic design. 


Based in Stockholm, at the very heart of Scandinavia, HUBERT AGENCY AB is covering the 4 Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.


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In this age when Loyalty and Honesty tend to be seen as something from a bygone era, particularly in the fields of commerce and finance, HUBERT AGENCY AB nevertheless wishes to stress its commitment to these values. We are convinced that long-term mutually profitable business relations can only be achieved when they are founded upon these values and on reciprocal trust with our partners and customers.




For the professional sportsman, dedication and perseverance are key. So it is also for HUBERT AGENCY AB. Only by continuous attention to our commitment and objectives can we ensure that the best results are achieved for us and for our client.


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HUBERT AGENCY AB’s mission is to help you, our client, reach your goals. Indeed you can count on our dynamism and 100% involvement, so please be prepared for us to come up with bold suggestions and new ideas to help you on the path to the realisation of your plans.


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